Gail Roska

An incredible asset, She creates processes and makes sure we run things efficiently to keep track of your projects.

Which actor would play you in your life story: Mila Kunis – I see myself as her in “Bad Moms”

Favourite travel destination: NYC

Alternative career: Doctor. Never pursued my career in Medicine. Continue reading


Levin Mundinger

Lead video editor, Levin oversees the production of each draft. He is a brilliant digital storyteller.

Name a hobby: Street photography.

Favourite team: SC Freiburg. Nothing gets me more excited watching them play.

Favourite travel destination: Home. Love to visit friends and family. US and Asia next. Continue reading


Kim Deylen

As Media Producer, she knows the ins and outs of your project from start to finish.

Favourite film: Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts. I am a bit of a nerd.

Favourite travel destination: Iceland, pleasure witnessing surreal landscapes.

Alternative career: Zip Line instructor. Scared of heights but LOVES to zip! Continue reading


Tracey Zoch

Running the administration functions within the business, she is the only team member who is equally balanced on both sides of the brain: creative and analytical.

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite TV show: House of Cards on Netflix

Alternative career: Zookeeper Continue reading


Ryan Gaskett

Ryan is also a talented all-rounder who and has filmed and edited and solely produced some incredible documentaries.

Name a hobby: Songwriting

Favourite film: The Fog of War

Which actor would play you in your life story: No idea, but let’s just go with Seth Green cos he has red hair! Continue reading


Oliver McGeary

Oliver is a highly creative cinematographer across corporate, tv and cinema. He is a member of the ACS and loves everything to do with being behind the lens!

Name a hobby: Going out 🙂

Favourite team: Golden State Warriors

Alternative career: Something to do with psychology Continue reading


Mat Sliwinski

Mat is a talented and experienced all-rounder who loves the filming and editing process.

Name a hobby: One hobby of mine would be studying Japanese.

Favourite film: Right now would be “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling.. that scene in the elevator!

Alternative career: Definitely a fireman Continue reading

Jonathan Zoch

Jonathan Zoch

Jonathan is a producer/director and storyteller and is the proud owner of Inspireworks. He also loves meeting with clients to understand their comms challenges.

Name a hobby: playing the drums

Favourite team: Essendon Football Club

Alternative career: I’d be an astronaut. Great tech, neatly packaged food and amazing views! Continue reading