Ryan Gaskett

Ryan is also a talented all-rounder who and has filmed and edited and solely produced some incredible documentaries.

Name a hobby: Songwriting

Favourite film: The Fog of War

Which actor would play you in your life story: No idea, but let’s just go with Seth Green cos he has red hair! Continue reading


Oliver McGeary

Oliver is a highly creative cinematographer across corporate, tv and cinema. He is a member of the ACS and loves everything to do with being behind the lens!

Name a hobby: Going out 🙂

Favourite team: Golden State Warriors

Alternative career: Something to do with psychology Continue reading


Mat Sliwinski

Mat is a talented and experienced all-rounder who loves the filming and editing process.

Name a hobby: One hobby of mine would be studying Japanese.

Favourite film: Right now would be “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling.. that scene in the elevator!

Alternative career: Definitely a fireman Continue reading

Jonathan Zoch

Jonathan Zoch

Jonathan is a producer/director and storyteller and is the proud owner of Inspireworks. He also loves meeting with clients to understand their comms challenges.

Name a hobby: playing the drums

Favourite team: Essendon Football Club

Alternative career: I’d be an astronaut. Great tech, neatly packaged food and amazing views! Continue reading