3 Tips for Optimising your Corporate Videos

1. Include Closed Captions

Did you know that Closed Captions are required for any video content that is state or federally funded? If your company or organisation or organisation is in receipt of government funding, or if your work is contracted by the state or federal bodies, then you should ensure that your video content includes Closed Captions.

Closed Captions are a good idea for all video content, regardless of sources of funding. Including them on your video content extends your reach as it makes your videos accessible for people who are hearing impaired, for audiences who are watching from noisy environments, or for those who may not be in a suitable environment for listening to audio, such as an open plan office or when on the go.

2. Use a Copyright Symbol

It’s important to protect your property. You wouldn’t leave your belongings open to theft, so why risk it when it comes to your intellectual property? Protecting your video and communications content in the public domain is very simple. Use your company name, copyright symbol and the year (e.g. Inspireworks © 2017) at the end of your video to communicate ownership and to best protect your intellectual property. In addition to this, a logo watermark in the top right corner (just like all the broadcasters do) is worth considering for added protection.

3. Produce a Transcript

Produce a transcript of your video content so that you can repurpose it across other marketing channels to broaden your reach. You can use the text from the transcripts in internal communications, newsletters, online forums, social media, presentations, client communications and so essentially anywhere that your content has an audience.


Inspireworks offer closed captions and transcription services. These can often be arranged and fulfilled within 24-48 hours depending on the project in question and it’s more affordable than you might think. Please ask us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.