Live streaming services

We hear it a lot in the media at the moment – we live in unprecedented times.

Despite the craziness, it’s never been easy to connect with remote workers with webcasting and live streaming. 

Ongoing communication during this global pandemic is more important than ever.

Many of our have utilised our unique webcast platform to stream:

  • Executive messages from the CEO

  • Town hall meetings

  • Conferences and Events

  • Training sessions


Many corporates are sharing content such as:

  • Restructure, strategic changes to their operation during the CoVid19 crisis

  • Industry specific training and survival strategies

  • Vision, values and engagement

  • Community messaging


Demonstrate leadership throughout your organisation and/or industry by effectively reaching your audience live.   Inspireworks can a range os services such as:

  • Professional vision, sound and lighting

  • Multiple camera setup

  • Powerpoint presentation insertion and pre-recorded video content

  • Live crosses to other streamed office locations and presenters

  • Viewer interaction and Q & A.

  • Opening and closing title graphics and animations.



Contact us today to find out exactly how affordable webcasting can be!

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