Online Video Production and why 2012 won't be like 2012


We’re pleased to be back from our festive break!

In the armageddon film, 2012 starring John Cussack, the movie poster begs the question “Who will be left behind?”    With many websites still void of video content we find ourselves asking the same question.

Corporate video production is an essential mix of marketing and communications arsenal for most businesses these days.   Viewing corporate videos on websites, YouTube channels and mobile devices is something that we will do more of in 2012 in any previous year.

So when is the right time to create fresh, interesting and engaging video content for your audience?   Viewers today expect it and many businesses that haven’t adopted corporate video as part of their communication will soon be left behind in the world of client engagement.

It’s our belief that 2012 won’t be like the movie 2012 (ok, so we couldn’t resist the temptation of merging the supposed year of Armageddon, with a twist of Apple Computer’s  infamous 1984 commercial).   Businesses however, can avoid getting lost in the tsunami of weak advertising messages and uninteresting website content if they embrace professional online video production as an integral part of their engagement strategy for this year and beyond.

Despite the play on words on the gloomy movie, we’re thrilled to be back and firing and thank our existing clients and suppliers for their ongoing support.  If you fear being left behind and need help with corporate video production in the Melbourne area, contact our studio today on 1300 885 968.