For nearly 18 years we’ve been a video production partner to some of Australia’s most influential companies in consulting, utilities, construction, science and technology.

We love what we do – more than ever. That passion and experience is at your disposal as your media production partner.

So what makes us different?

It’s how we listen.
We’re so much more than technicians. We listen to our clients needs deeply. We’re storytellers with expertise in connecting comms needs to strategy. Bringing it together is what makes it work. We partner with you in achieving your objectives – not just delivering finished productions.

It’s how we think.
We’re not only at the forefront of the industry in terms of our technology and business processes, innovative thinking is part of the daily culture at Inspireworks. Engagement and attention in audiences is constantly evolving. That’s why an innovative culture must always be the cornerstone of how we go about designing products for engagement.

It’s how we act.
We have the most unique business model in our sector. We were the first cloud-based digital agency to recruit a nationwide team to keep overheads low but quality outcomes high. We constantly refine our systems to be as lean and effective as possible. This provides you with the best possible value and quality production for your communication investment.

It’s how we communicate.
We “walk the talk” in terms of how we work with you. As communicators we expect to keep you informed of our work in progress in a manner that makes the process easy and enjoyable so you never have to worry about a thing. We use the very best online tools that enable you to provide feedback by simply typing on the video. No more spreadsheets or lengthy emails – just tap and type. Providing review and approval has never been easier.

It’s how we present ourselves.
We know of some production companies that will walk into client boardroom meetings with flannel shirts on. Not only will we never make you cringe but we’ll do you proud as an extension of your department should we need to converse with your executive leadership team.

It’s how we deliver.
We only delivery programs that we’d be proud to show our family and friends. That’s why every video gets reviewed by at least two experienced personnel before you see the first draft. Our processes and systems are second-to-none in the industry. We know because we’ve spent years fine tuning and developing our CRM and related workflows to ensure we spend more resources on quality outcomes.

We’ll follow through with you to gain insights after the launch and campaign execution.

Jonathan Zoch

Jonathan is a producer/director and storyteller and is the proud owner of Inspireworks. He also loves meeting with clients to understand their comms challenges.

Name a hobby: playing the drums

Favourite team: Essendon Football Club

Alternative career: I'd be an astronaut. Great tech, neatly packaged food and amazing views!
Tracey Zoch

Running the administration functions within the business, she is the only team member who is equally balanced on both sides of the brain: creative and analytical.

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite TV show: House of Cards on Netflix

Alternative career: Zookeeper
Mat Sliwinski

Mat is a talented and experienced all-rounder who loves the filming and editing process.

Name a hobby: One hobby of mine would be studying Japanese.

Favourite film: Right now would be "Drive" starring Ryan Gosling.. that scene in the elevator!

Alternative career: Definitely a fireman
Oliver McGeary

Oliver is a highly creative cinematographer across corporate, tv and cinema. He is a member of the ACS and loves everything to do with being behind the lens!

Name a hobby: Going out 🙂

Favourite team: Golden State Warriors

Alternative career: Something to do with psychology
Ryan Gaskett

Ryan is also a talented all-rounder who and has filmed and edited and solely produced some incredible documentaries.

Name a hobby: Songwriting

Favourite film: The Fog of War

Which actor would play you in your life story: No idea, but let's just go with Seth Green cos he has red hair!